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The #1 Advanced

  • To make you the go-to Excel Expert
  • To communicate results effectively
  • To save hours in data cleaning
  • To take Control of your Career

Do you ever feel like....

You are good at Excel but you’ve reached your limit on what you can learn on your own

You can put a model together, but sometimes you’re afraid that your work is slow and ugly

You know Excel can do a lot and you feel like you’re just scraping the surface

You love learning and challenging yourself but you aren’t impressed with what’s available for free online

You would have a greater say on projects if your boss trusted your expertise

You have taken the so-called intermediate and advanced Excel courses only to find that they are for beginners

Can you imagine…

  • Becoming the go-to expert on Excel projects and data visualization
  • Developing something in Excel that could save your company hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars
  • Having more time for yourself and saying goodbye to the late nights or past-due deliveries
  • Delivering instant results and insights like a boss
This is 100% possible
for you.
  • I know this because I was where you are now. This proven system will make you the go to Excel expert.

The Advanced Excel for
Data Heads course was created with YOU in mind.

The excelerator course is perfect for intermediate to advanced level Excel users looking to become experts in Excel and Power BI. This course will take you to the next level. This course was designed to bring together both theory and practice. By the end of this course, you will be able to crank out dashboards in seconds, tell your data story, and become the go-to expert.

The Excelerator Course

Ready to take your skills to the next level?

This course is for you!

AdvancedXL Dashboards Bundle

  • Excel Formulas
  • Data Visualization
  • Pivot Query
  • Power Query
  • Power BI Desktop
  • DAX Measures & Parameters
  • Advanced Dashboards


About Me

Hi, I’m Jordan! I’m one of the leading global minds on data science, data visualization, and analytics. I’ve created customer Excel, Power BI and data training for big financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. I’m the author of Dashboards for Excel, Advanced Excel Essentials, and Becoming a Data Head. And I’ve taught at renown business institutions like Wake Forest University. I’ve taken my best lessons over the years and distilled them down into this complete course for analysts, modelers, and data lovers of all kinds looking to become advanced Excel experts. I’ll see you on the inside!